A multi-person cryogenic chamber, designated to perform the whole body cryotherapy treatments. Supplied with liquid nitrogen or liquid air, tailored upon the needs of the most demanding clients. An outstanding feature is an open roof, thanks to which patients suffering from claustrophobia can also benefit from treatments. It also provides an ideal distribution of temperature inside the chamber. Treatments in Juka cryochambers are refunded by the National Health Fund in Poland.

Preeeminent and safety


  • relatively low investment costs.
  • low operating costs.
  • low consumption of cryogenic gas.
  • quick-freezing.
  • quick reimbursement.
  • low local requirements.
  • simple operating.
  • direct contact with the patient during treatment.
  • adjustable temperature and time of treatment for each group of patients individually.
  • thanks to the open roof, also people suffering from claustrophobia can benefit from treatments.
  • safety for patients during treatments.
  • meets the National Health Fund requirements for treatments refund.


  • a unit consisting of initial chamber, main chamber and a technical room.
  • temperature and time adjustment in both initial and main chamber.
  • “open chamber” – no roof – thanks to that, also people suffering from claustrophobia can benefit from sessions. It also eliminates the problem of warmth. generated by the patient’s body surface gathering underneath the insulated roof- as it has an adverse effect on temperature distribution in the cooling space.
  • forced circulation of cold ensures an even temperature distribution in the entire space.
  • materials for covering the internal walls of the cryochamber are characterized by low thermal capacity, so a small amount of energy is needed to freeze them.
  • oxygen sensors, analyzing the oxygen concentration, from which the reading is displayed on the operator’s panel.
  • automatic shut-off of the nitrogen supply and cessation of the operation of the chamber in case of too low oxygen content.
  • the initial and main chamber doors are transparent and can be opened at every stage of the treatment.
  • the touch display gives the ability to control the operation modes of the chamber and each stage of the therapy.
  • a modular design allows even multiple transfers and installations in another room.
  • remote diagnosis function – allows the remote control of the cryochamber.
  • EC medical certificate in accordance with the European Medical Directive 93/42/EEC Annex VI.

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