A single-person cryogenic chamber, designated to perform the whole body cryotherapy treatments. Juka cryosauna, as one of only a few devices in the world, holds the medical certificate, which serves as a warranty of the highest quality, safety and reliability level. Our device is a perfect solution for hospitals, welness and spa centers, rehabilitation centers, clinics, fitness clubs, as well as for individual recipients.

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Preeeminent and safety


  • 20 years of experience in the construction of cryogenic chambers and cryosunas
  • Medical certificate TUV Rheinland, ISO 13485
  • Nitrogen pressure approx. 4 bar - which increases the safety of the procedure. Nitrogen injection occurs to the generator, located outside the cabin, and thus outside the place where the patient is staying, which increases the safety for the patient.
  • Automatic pumping of nitrogen from the cryosauna cabin at the end of the procedure, which means that the patient at the end of the procedure is not immersed in the nitrogen vapors.
  • Safety for the patient - a system of forced circulation of nitrogen through the generator and nozzles spraying nitrogen into the cabin - There is no possibility of liquid nitrogen in the cryosauna cabin - therefore, there is no possibility of frostbite from liquid nitrogen
  • Cabin ventilation, removing excess nitrogen from the cabin to the outside.
  • Lift, allowing you to adjust the patient's height so that his head is above the top edge of the cryosauna
  • Additional ventilation of the general room where the cryosauna is installed.
  • Doors closed magnetically - favor the safety of the patient - they can be opened at any time during the procedure
  • Cryosauna equipped with an oxygen sensor to monitor the oxygen content over the head of the patient + an additional sensor for monitoring the oxygen concentration in the room
  • Possibility to adjust treatment parameters for each patient individually.
  • Standards: PN-EN ISO 9001: 2009 - EC Certificate of compliance with Directive 93/42 / EEC / Annex VI regarding medical devices - ISO 13485: 2003
  • Trained staff take care of patients' safety during the procedure.


  • The sleep mode function - switches on automatically and increases the safety of the procedure
  • Remote diagnose - telediagnosis of the device operation via a permanent Internet connection or a mobile connection
  • Option of additional freezing.
  • Version with the dryer, reducing the drying time by half.
  • Safety switch for immediate disconnection of the cryosauna from the power supply.
  • A forced circulation of cold air in the cabin (forced by the turbine), which results in an even distribution of temperature in the whole volume.
  • Additional ventilation of the room where the cryosauna is installed.

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