At the beginning of 2018, Juka cryosauna was delivered and installed in a wellness center in Göteborg, Sweden. Noteworthy is the distinctive design of this device- the outer surface consists of panels in a stylish matte black colour, with a black interior finish.

Cryosauna in Göteborg enjoys great interest and recognition, as evidenced by the fact that it hit the first pages of the local newspaper, as an example of an innovative solution in the field of alternative medicine and wellness.



In September 2017, cryosauna Juka arrived in Plerin, France, in Brittany region located in the north-west part of the country.

The machine was delivered, installed and activated by the Juka technical staff in a modern recovery center, where the cryotherapy sessions are proposed to the clients both in a medical and rehabilitation aspect, as well as for rejuvenation and aesthetic purposes.


El Salvador

In Agust 2018, the very first Juka cryosauna entered the market of El Salvador, having been installed in the capital city, San Salvador, in the center of alternative medicine & wellness – CryoHealth Spas.

Cryotherapy treatments in our cryosauna have gained huge popularity among the clients out there, who gladly visit this place to take benefit from the therapy which helps in muscle recovery, aids stamina and fitness training, speeds up cells recovery processes and many more.



In April 2017, the  Juka cryochamber  was installed in the Egle health center in Birstonas, Lithuania, located in the heart of this country, only 40 km south of Kaunas, on the right bank of the Nemunas River.

Health center in Birstonas is a modern facility with a very rich treatment possibilities. The list of diseases that are treated in this center is long and includes, among others, bone and muscle diseases, gastric, gynecological problems, endocrine diseases or even vegetative neurosis.

There is  also a SPA center, which is why you can also take advantage of numerous beauty and relaxing treatments.

Orange Cryo Wellness

Orange Cryo Wellness is a popular American chain of centers offering cryotherapy treatments, operating on a franchise basis.

The first Orange Cryo Wellness Center was opened in June 2016 in Northern Liberties Philadelphia, a few months later new locations appeared in Conshohocken in Pennsylvania and Avalon, New Jersey. Currently, the network has its branches in 8 locations – in addition to the Conshohocken and Avalon mentioned above, the cryotherapy treatments can also be used in Ardmore, Margate, Naples, Philadelphia, Voorhees and West Chester.

Specially for this brand, we prepare a unique, personalized version of the cryosauna, with an orange external finish and engraved logo on the light ceiling.


Juka devices are appreciated and chosen by professional athletes, for whom an extremely important element throughout the training cycle is the use of treatments that allow for quick recovery after physical exertion, biological renewal and preparation for subsequent competitions.

In March 2018, a cryosauna produced by Juka was installed in the Sports Club in Zagreb, Croatia. The device will be used by an outstanding athlete, multiple Olympic medalist and world and European champion in discus throw – Sandra Perkovic, who, like many of our clients around the world, trusted the reputation and high quality of our products.

Juventus Turin FC

In June 2017, the Juka cryochamber was installed in the newly built Training Center of Juventus Football Club – Juventus Training Center, located in the Turin district of Continassa, part of J Village and located near the stadium.

The cryochamber installed in the center is a 4-5 person version, distinguished by its unique design – white, lacquered exterior finish, which not only looks exclusive, but also allows the club logo to be placed on the surface of the device.

The „Old Lady’s” players will be using the cryochamber for physical preparation, convalescence and biological regeneration.

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