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Whole Body Cryotherapy in athletes

Cold therapy is commonly used as a procedure to relieve pain symptoms, particularly in inflammatory diseases, injuries and overuse symptoms. A peculiar form of cold therapy (or stimulation) was proposed 30 years ago for the treatment of rheumatic diseases.
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The effects of Whole Body Cryotherapy on oxidative stress in multiple sclerosis

There is strong evidence that multiple sclerosis (MS) is characterized not only by immune mediated inflammatory reactions but also by neurodegenerative processes. Accumulated data indicate that oxidative stress (OS) plays a major role in this process. Generated in excess, reactive oxygen species (ROS) lead to oxidative stress and are involved in demyelination and axonal damage in MS.
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Adapted cold shower as potential treatment for depression

Depression is a debilitating mood disorder that is among the top causes of disability worldwide. It can be characterized by a set of somatic, emotional, and behavioral symptoms, one of which is a high risk of suicide.
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